“You have opened my eyes and changed my life. We have already implemented some major changes in our business. My mind has been awakened artistically and practically. Your studio was rockin with love. It had to be the best workshop ever given!”
— Nomi Wagner, Los Angeles, CA
You really shook us out of our ruts...We will return with a renewed sense of what we are doing as photographers...”
— Neil & Mirian Hough, Monmouth
“David appeals to all your senses...all your emotions! Distinctive! Extraordinary!...”
— Monte Zucker
“...This adventure in education rewrites how the modern portrait seminar should go.”
— Bill McIntosh, M. Photog., Cr. Fellow ASP, Virginia Beach, VA
“I have done some of my best photography ever since that wonderful week. Thanks for all the laughter and the learning!”
— Angela Carson, Northville, NJ
A wonderful, encouraging, enlightening and inspirational experience! A true blessing.
— Debbie Melvin, Charlotte, North Carolina
Superb program! So very disarming and challenging! Thank you for bringing us so close to reality and making us think!
— Joseph I. Koenig, Virginia Beach VA
“The program pulled that happy child out of the shadows of my inner being. I will no longer look at my occupation as a job. It is a definite calling.”
— Kerry Willis, Beaufort, NC