You were meant to be remarkable! Not ordinary or acceptable, mediocre or mundane. But remarkable. And if you’re not feeling that potential, it's only because something squelched it somewhere along the way. 

I designed this photographer’s workshop to help you get your remarkable back.

Join me for three days at California’s private Dillon Beach — a truly stunning environment— where you can expand the mind and learn. You’ll meet and work with a group of exceptional people and learn tools you can use to create incredible possibilities for your photographic career.

Friendships will be formed. Knowledge will be shared. FUN will be had.

You will remember how to dream big. To recognize your deepest desires, embrace them, give them permission, and empower them. Together, we will re-awaken the key elements of remarkability that are stirring inside of you: Creativity, Vision, Artistry, Communication, Persuasion and Service. 

You will learn how to awaken the soul with stirring imagery. Through a combination of study and practice, you will strengthen your skills in lighting, composition, visual dynamics, authenticity, uniqueness, and how to direct human expression. Gorgeous models, personalized instruction and fun creative assignments will guarantee an extraordinary set of images for you to take home.

You will learn how to take the art of persuasion to a new level. Persuasion is a key element to elevated financial success and will open many doors in your life. We will examine the business of persuasion, including sales, marketing and business image creation. I promise you will leave with a new “script” that will move our clients and further your career.

You will be a part of an unforgettable experience. There will be morning lectures, demonstrations, exercises, and opportunities to test your knowledge. There will be daily photography sessions with wonderful models in a variety of locations. There will be fun assignments and critiques and even time off if you want.  

You will join a group of amazing people. I have led six of these workshops and it has been my experience that we will all learn a great deal from each other. You will be amazed at the variety of experience of your fellow attendees, which includes Lisa Evans, Michel Sabourin and Michael Campbell. These fellow photographers are willing to share their talent and experience with you so we can all become more remarkable. 

“I promise you will leave with an invigorated desire to do what you were born to do. Some people hide their desires and call it maturity. I want you to know your heart's true cry and gather tools to make it happen. You have the right to be remarkable. It's why you’re here.”

- David Peters

M.Photog, Cr., Fellow A.S.P.

This exclusive workshop is limited to 15 students. It will sell out quickly so please sign up for updates now!