David is an amazing photographer - his ability to capture the beauty of the light, the surroundings and the subjects is exceptional. And his years of experience make the final product so much more than a simple photograph - its a memory that gets to hang on your wall for everyone to see. He’s also great with families who have young kids - we have a 2 yr old and 10 month old and David’s patience and sense of humor helped to bring out their smiles (at that the same time!). I would highly recommend him.
— Elizabeth L., San Rafael (Yelp)
He is a real Pro. He did an amazing job, really got me to be at ease and because of this got some great shots. I highly recommend this guy!
— David O., San Rafael (Yelp)
David Peters is a professional and expert in his area. His personality, senses of humor and ability to communicate in a friendly way helps you to relax, smile and position yourself in a way so he can capture that magic in the camera.
If you are looking for an expert in photography I would highly recommend David, he is excellent.
my new photos are on my website lindabenn.com and heartlightenergy.com
thank you David, I appreciate you and enjoyed working together.
— Linda B., Redwood City (Yelp)
I needed a head shot, and, needed it quickly. David was very accommodating with making the appointment. He has a friendly, warm manner, and immediately puts one at ease. I don’t enjoy having my picture taken, but David reassured me. The end results were stunning. It’s clear that David possesses unusual visual gifts. I’m not a neuroscientist, but, it’s clear that David’s visual senses are keenly developed and honed.

The photos were stunning, simply resplendent. I never thought that I could look that good. My family and friends are in awe of his work, as am I.

David completed the work the same day, not an easy thing to do, as I had chosen 3 shots. I truly appreciated the fast turnaround, something I would never have asked for if it had not been required. i.e., I was not an easy customer.

Thank you, David.
— Diane T., Middletown, NJ (Yelp)
I just went back to David Peters for another photo session. After a difficult year the idea of having portraits that can inspire and remind us of our loved ones feel like an important priority. This time I had a photo session of my beautiful dog who at 14 is going downhill rapidly with kidney and heart disease. This is a black poodle and trying to get a descent picture of her has proven to be impossible for me. I have taken dozens of pictures that look like black blobs. I asked David if he would do it and he was happy to do this session. Poor David, my Indy was not the most cooperative subject but David was determined. He must have taken several hundred shots and from the few I got to see through the camera at the time of the shooting, the pictures are amazing! I want to wallpaper my house with them! I can’t wait to get these photos.

Last week he did a photo shoot of my family and the results were spectacular. Every member looked terrific and even the youngest squirmy boy was captured perfectly by David’s creative and intuitive sensitivities. Soon these pictures will be framed and hung in our house and I know they will be looked at and appreciated daily. I recommend David wholeheartedly. He is simply a master photographer!
— Judy G., San Rafael (Yelp)
I am generally unphotogenic so I had little faith my session would be successful. I couldn’t believe there were so many beautiful ones! It was more than I hoped for.
— Trish S., San Francisco
I didn’t even recognize myself in the first photograph! Is that really me? Wow, thank you David, for reminding me that every age is beautiful...inside and out.”
— Lisa Ellen B., San Ramon
David truly loves women and has the unique talent to capture their essence. I cried when I saw my images. I couldn’t believe it was me. Now I’m smaller than my photographs!
— Sondra N., Nevada City
I am 75 and a cancer survivor. I was an ice follies star in my younger days. David’s images simply reminded me that I’m still that young and vibrant person. Now I’m 20 pounds smaller!
— B.J. Moehnke